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miraclebox 9 hd twin c/t ongelmia päivityksen kanssa

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lähetin support pyynön MBlle jossa kirjoitin näin:



Ive just bought the mb 9 twin hd c/t2 and I managed to flash bootloader 5.04(L 5.04) in there but I cant seem to get it back to L 6 what it was before I went to 5.04.

Here is what I've tried so far:

-I've tried 7 different usbsticks

-I've tried 8 different firmwares for it

-tried the Bridge many times, also after cleaning everything with flashfix v3 and erase_var ; even in different ways e.g. flashfixv3 -> sw 1.09.35 -> bridge 1(1.99.99)(until here everything goes just like it should) -> bridge part 2 (sw 2.09.35) doesnt work, when doing it from usb just at box start it ALLWAYS says ERR 0x10(I've tried changing the reseller ID and taking the 2.09.35 image from and stuff, but it didnt change anything, also I tried may other 2.x firmwares but it gets me the same result. Sometimes with a different usbstick it will give ERR 0x90, but thats only with the verbatim stick, I've tried many different sticks and only with that one it does 0x90, all others it does 0x10, which cant be accurate because I've got the image from

In system information it shows this:

Model: 9 hd twin pvr

Frequency Area: EUROPE

Loader Version: L 5.04

H/W Version: HS 8200 1.00

Application Version: HS v1.99.99

API Version: API Aug 11 2011

Data Version: FDU v1.3

Here a thread in a finnish support forum where pnp and paf tried both to solve this problem with me:

http://huoltovalikko.keskustelupalstat. ... elma.10139

I just hope you guys can tell me how to fix this, I think I tried everything...

Greetings, "MAIL END"

Olen siis koittanut jo todella monta tapaa päivittää 1.x -> 2.x firmikselle, mutta aina tulee 0x10 , myös jos päivittää menu:sta niin se pysähtyy reading 50% kohtaan, ja joskus se ilmoittaa tietyllä usbtikulla 0x90, eli ei tunnista. Tämä usb vika on kumminkin ainoastaan juuri sillä tikulla, koitin todella monella eri tikulla koko hommaa.

Toivottavasti joku osaa auttaa.

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Ongelman ratkaisu:

asenna HDF-Flasher ja käynistä se, joten näet mikä on Model-ID sillä hetkellä.

sitten vaihat reseller-idn firmiksessta ja flashaat sen viimein boksille (1.99.99 oli IHAN eri verrattuna 2.X versioon)

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